Monday, February 28, 2011


   So I'm sitting in my room, looking at facebook, TV's on, music's on, and all of a sudden I hear "TORNADO, TORNADO!!!" I jump up so quick and my heart starts to beat a mile a minute! I hear Logan and my mom upstairs getting Alli and I thought a tornado was comin' down our street right then and there. I was SCARED. The only reason Logan freaked out was because they announced it on TV with their beeping and buzzing, making sure everyone knew what could happen.
     What if God warned us like that when a storm or challenge is about to come into our life? I know I would be freaking out like Logan is right now. I would be scared out of my mind! I would be so worried about what's to come, when the storm would hit, if I would be ok, etc. etc. My focus and faith would be nowhere near God. I would be putting faith in myself, trying to get myself prepared. Instead of us reacting like Logan and freaking out, wondering when the storm is going to hit, we should react like the people who only had a tornado siren to warn them. They didn't have time to prepare. All they had time for was to run down into their storm cellar and brace for the worst. They didn't try and put faith in themselves, because they knew they couldn't win against a dangerous, raging storm. They ran and took refuge in their storm cellar, a place that was underground and would protect them when the storm hit. If God told us what was coming before it came, would we truly be putting our faith in Him to get us through? I know I couldn't flat out say that I would if He told me beforehand. If God had told me I was going to go through a bunch with my family, I wouldn't have put faith in Him. I would have tried to get myself ready, and no one but myself would be helping me get ready. Thankfully, God didn't do that. I found out right when it happened, and I ran and took refuge in God. No, I didn't always stay deep rooted in Him, but He was right there, ready for me to run back.

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